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A little bit about me.

Gilles Verzura graduated in 1974 as an Architect
Interior Designer at the National College of Architecture and Fine Arts Arts of the City of Saint - Étienne; France; where he developed his research in restoration of Historic Heritage Buildings of the City of Saint - Étienne, he carried out several residential and tourist complexes, project urban studies and conditioning of municipal parks.
He worked with the Lyonesa “Coster” Interior Design Company where he participated in numerous projects such as: Study of Lyon France Airport, Commercial sales kiosks, conditioning of movie theaters, offices and the metro of the City of Lyon France.
In 1989, he installed his own GV Study Company. ARQUITECTURA Y DISENO INTERIOR, C.A. in the City of Valencia Venezuela, where it currently operates and has done a work without interruption. Among his main works: they are dedicated to interior design commercial spaces, Pub disco, department stores, hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments, family homes, shopping centers and network of car dealers (Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Ford, General Motor, Nissan, Toyota, Iveco).

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Creative works generally point towards residential housing constructions with an innovative modern approach. The style they advocate has frequently been associated with the Mediterranean environment.


Landscaping introduces nature at home and makes the residence enjoy a wild area. Environments and ideas that favor the sharpness and transparency of spaces are always generated.

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